Our Services and partners

Document scanning in Los Angeles

We are currently partering with many service providers in Los Anegles, Ca. Our one price gives you piece of mind when you are dealing with service providers. High volume scanning applications require fast scanners. Our partners provide a full line of commercial-grade scanning solutions that can process over 150 pages per minute. Duplex scanning is also available, allowing us to capture both sides of a page in one pass. We will know the exact price of your scanning project before the first page is ever scanned. We will count the pages for you. The cost is based on how many boxes you have, and not the pages. You will get a box from us. Price for each box is known and fixed.

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Services in Los Angeles

OCR and Electronic Data Discovery or EDD is a must for preparing a court case. We are partnering with the most trusted brands in different service providers in Los Angeles to grantee the result law firms are looking for. We make sure the turn around time stays the same the same no matter what. EASE software can be installed as a hosted service. Our platform operates in secure data centers which are Certified with high availability bandwidth. If you deal with high volumes, consider our service providers. Whether you're looking for paperless OCR or just high-volume, batch conversions. We can search through your existing folders and OCR old document images in bulk. We can watch a specific folder and automatically OCR and convert new files to fully searchable PDF.